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We invite you to join the efforts of the Andrew and Abby Szott Foundation this year as we continue to raise funds to award more families the precious Gift of Time. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved!  Thank you!

Summer Gift

We are thankful to have extended the 21st Gift of Time to the Christianson Family of Prescott, Wisconsin with parents Jay and Bethany and their two little girls Ava and Audrey. Older sister Ava was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of four just before her younger sister was born. Today, after Ava’s relapse at the age of six, Audrey will be her sister’s bone marrow donor. To learn more about this strong sister duo, click here.


An Open Thank You

Our fundraising ventures here at the Szott Foundation continue to be quite creative, and we are grateful for the young minds that think “outside the box.” My nephew, Nathan Buss from Denver, CO did just that. He started a project tentatively calling “community session” at the restaurant where he works in Denver, CO called Session Kitchen, which is owned by Breckenridge-Wynkoop (a collection of breweries and restaurants in Colorado).

Community Session is a weekly event where Nathan donates 100% of his tips on Tuesday nights to family and community groups. The Andrew and Abby Szott Foundation was his beneficiary for the month of February where he raised over $2,500! Ultimately, he would like to grow this idea and connect to other local groups around Denver who are doing awesome and beautiful things as well. Ideally, this giving spirit will attract like-hearted individuals in the community to join him for dinner and a cause.

Although, this project is still in its infancy, Nathan explains it has massive potential to grow upward and outward in so many different ways!  He is hoping to inspire some of his coworkers to join him on future Tuesdays.  His larger dream is to grow this out to other restaurants throughout the city. We are so thankful for Nathan’s compassion that he expresses beautifully. “Think of how much difference we could all make if we spent one day a week giving back to the community and supporting the collective interest that is at the heart of our health and happiness!”

Thank you, Nathan, for your compassion for the Szott Foundation and for the other communities you will be benefitting. On behalf of the Szott Foundation, we wish you blessings as you pursue your dream.

Most sincerely,

Szott Foundation President

Another Christmas, Another Loving Family

The Szott Foundation had an exciting gift to give this Christmas, our 20th Gift of Time! We are so grateful to have the opportunity to give this support to the McMullen family of St. Cloud, Minnesota, with parents Mike and Lisa and children Patrick, Katie, and Coco (the dog). We know Patrick has been a blessing to his family and to his healthcare professionals. To learn more about Patrick’s story, click here.

Summer Surprise…s

At the end of a busy June the Szott Foundation board re-grouped to select the next recipient of the Gift of Time. Again, as we read each application our hearts went out to each respective family. As a result, the summer of 2013 saw gifts given to two very deserving families. And with that decision we are proud to say we have now granted our 18th and 19th gifts! Check out more about our incredible young recipients, Artan and Brock on our Recipients page.

Giving the Gift of Time

Join us in helping families stay united when children are in need. There are many ways you can get involved with the Andrew and Abby Szott Foundation:

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