Ava is a 6 year old that loves to play with her friends and neighbors. She is always very happy and concerned about others around her. She LOVES princesses, especially Princess Elsa from the movie Frozen. Ava has a Sister named Audrey who is 5 years younger than her. Even though they are not close in age they love to play together. Ava crawls into Audrey’s crib every morning to be the first to say Good Morning to her!


Ava loves to bake and has her own cookbook that her Grandma made for her. When she is in the hospital she goes through the cookbook and finds recipes that she wants to make when she gets home. She loves crafts so she spends a lot of time painting, drawing and coloring in the hospital and uses her works of art to decorate her room.


She loves to spend the night in any hotel, going to the zoo, Como Town and WI Dells. Ava is very smart and does well in school. She just finished Kindergarten and will be starting 1st grade. She will miss at least 6 months of school after her upcoming Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Transplant so she will have teachers come to her home. 

Her family also discovered in the hospital that Ava is very musical. She had a Music Therapist that came to her hospital room regularly and now Ava wants to learn how to play the guitar. She will be having a Music Therapist come to the house during her time away from school and she is very excited about this. Ava’s Sister is a match and will be the donor for the Bone Marrow. Ava LOVES that her sister and her are a match and tells everyone, even strangers, that “my sister’s blood can heal me." Although the girls already have an amazing bond I feel that this will bond them in a totally different way. Ava continues to stay positive and happy throughout her medical journey and is an amazing little girl.

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