Brock was born peacefully at home on March 9th, 2012. He has been smiling showing off his dimples since he was only a few hours old. His dimply smile and baby blue eyes melt the hearts of everyone he meets.

Fast forward one year to April 8, 2013 when Brock was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He had leukemia on his skin, in his blood, spine, and marrow. Brock also had a rare translocation, 7/12. His parents were told that Brock’s best chance for survival would be a bone marrow transplant.


In July of 2013 Brock became the 14th infant to receive a double cord blood stem cell transplant. The transplant was by far the hardest part of his treatment.


Brock enjoys playing with his brother, Anthony and flirting with all the nurses at clinic. Brock enjoys tearing down the buildings his buddies make, climbing, and playing close with his mom. His favorite things include chasing a ball or marble (he enjoys the loud noise it makes on the floor). 

He is also intrigued with trying to figure out how the electronics in the house/hospital work!  At only 18 months of age, he has such a love for life! He is eating well and gaining weight like a champ. Brock is now learning how to talk. He loves to yell “Ant-ny” at his older brother. Brock also enjoys playing with babies. He snuggles any little stuffed animal or baby close, rocking it and patting it. He finds much joy in caring for them. Brock’s mother reports that Life AT HOME is going great. “It’s nice to be a family under the same roof with everyone.”


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