Thank you so much, Szott Foundation. Words cannot describe how thankful we are and how much your donation will help us. We are so happy that we are not alone.


Evylah was diagnosed with DIPG (a brain tumor) in November 2014 and our life changed forever. Tears still stream from our eyes as we recall memories of our middle child being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. We were given a diagnosis of only 6-9 months.


Evylah was a bubbly, creative child and looked forward to kindergarten in 2014. She started having symptoms of her brain tumor at the end of October. 

She enjoyed putting on makeup in the morning, singing and making up her own songs, coloring, and learning her ABC's. During the summer before her diagnosis she swam at the beach with her cousins and enjoyed eating Popsicles. She loved swimming at the YMCA and playing with other children.


Evylah has an older sister, Mia, who is 9 and younger sister, Alba, who is 4. Mia and Alba were the delight of Evylah’s life, learning from Mia how to be a big sister to her younger sister. The girls enjoyed their life together playing with Monster High Dolls and putting on makeup.

Evylah was like a butterfly…unique, energetic, and ready to take on the world. Her smile was bright and her laughter could be heard a mile away.  She enjoyed the everyday things little girls do such as lining up at her bus stop, jumping on finding her seat, and waving good-bye to her mom. Right before she became ill she learned how to spell her name. She is as beautiful as a flower, and we never imagined our sweet, vibrant little girl would have brain cancer.


She was so strong, and faught bravely everyday. She wore her smile and reminded those who loved her that nothing would stop her from living and wanting to grow up to be a young lady. Fighting for her life proves to us that no obstacles stand in her way. She smiled and played until the end and loved to do all the things she was put here to do:  Live, love, laugh, and grow.  Forever sweet, Evylah taught her family how to live and love.  We are sad to report that Evylah lost her cancer battle on Saturday, October 11, 2015. Our prayers go out to her mom, dad, and sisters. She will be sorely missed.


Thank you so much Szott Foundation for your generous donation, love, and support. We hope for a cure someday so that no other child has to ever go through this grief. Thank you so much. We will remember your thoughtfulness and love forever and ever!!!

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