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What do we do?

We provide the opportunity for one parent, who has previously worked full-time, to stay at home and manage the all-encompassing task of caring for a child with cancer. It is expected that the other parent (if in a two-parent household) would continue working.


What are the tax implications when applying for a grant?

The Foundation’s accounting firm indicates that grants from charitable contributions are not taxable income. We recommend, however, that the family contact the IRS or their financial adviser to discuss possible tax implications. The Szott Foundation cannot provide tax advice to recipients.


What is the age criterion for an applicant?

If the child is receiving care from a pediatric unit, he or she is eligible to apply for the grant.


If the family accepts the Szott Foundation grant, will financial support from other entities be reduced?

The Szott Foundation does not work with any other organizations that provide financial support to families, nor do we “package” our gift with other organizations. It is our understanding that some financial benefits might be lost or reduced when accepting a large financial gift. The family must evaluate the long-term implications of accepting a large grant and the impact the decision may have on other benefits. 


If a family is receiving financial benefits from other sources, the Foundation’s grant is based on the family’s total income including those benefits.


How much medical information needs to be released to the

Szott Foundation?

The Foundation will accept a statement, signed by the primary physician, indicating date of diagnosis, current treatment plan, and prognosis. The parent must sign a Release of Information form which is located in the application packet.


Who completes the application?

The family is ultimately responsible for completing the application. The social worker is intended to help with the process and assure it is complete. The social worker then signs-off on the completed application and forwards it to us. 


The foundation will not contact the family to assist in the application process and cannot consider incomplete applications.


The President of the Foundation will notify each applicant of the decision.


Instead of using the provided form in the application package, can a family submit a current bank statement?

No. An authorized signature from the bank is necessary. If the family banks at multiple locations the applicant must obtain signatures from each banking institution. Social workers are prepared to assist with this part of the application.


What happens when there is joint custody or financial responsibility of the child is shared between parents?

We consider the financial situation of both parents. Both must complete the financial portion of the application. We provide funding to only one parent.

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