We are so excited to have been able to gift the 20th Gift of Time to Patrick's family from St. Cloud, MN to support them in their time of need.


Patrick has always been special. He did not speak until after age 2 but when he did, it was in sentences. He was very contemplative as a baby and one could tell he was studying everything around him and listening to every conversation. He could initiate and hold a conversation with adults at age 3 and has always been very inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions. Patrick has always been a peacemaker and diplomat. He doesn’t like disputes and even as a toddler, would mediate between his playmates, trying to stop fighting. Since he became ill, almost 3 years ago now, he has received hundreds of cards made for him by classmates and schoolmates, and so many of them tell Patrick how “nice he is to everyone.” As his parents, that makes us so proud as he truly is kind and loving and not afraid to stand up for someone or something.

Patrick LOVES SPORTS!! He loves to watch any kind of football and hockey and to play both. He loves to play baseball, which he as done since age 3 starting in T-ball. Patrick loves snowmobiling, remote control anything, 4 wheeling and is a “boy” through and through. He loves his sister Katie and his dog, CoCo.


After Patrick became ill in 2011 and after his treatments were completed, he decided he wanted to play hockey. He had never played and was years behind his teammates in terms of skills but certainly not in heart. Being the tenacious, competitive boy that he is, he started playing hockey in the fall of 2012 and was able to play in one game before his illness came back. He accomplished his goal of learning how to skate and plans on going back to it when able. His favorite hockey player is Patrick Kane, and his Make-a-wish wish is to meet Patrick Kane. Our trip has been delayed several times as Patrick himself wants to be healthy enough to skate with Patrick Kane.


Patrick is tenacious, kind, loving, funny, and is always thinking of others! Throughout his journey, during his many hospital and clinic visits, Patrick has endeared himself to the healthcare professionals who have taken care him. He is cooperative, sets goals for himself, and for the most part, is a model patient. He is a hero to his parents, who say, “he has taught us how to live life and reinforces what is truly important in life, even while enduring an awful illness. More often than not there is a smile on his face or a joke or teasing remark ready to spring from his mouth. We are so blessed that God chose us to be Patrick’s and Katie’s parents. They both are the greatest gift we ever could have received and we are honored to have them call us Mom and Dad.”


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